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Summarizing the 5 Benefits of Beetroot Supplements

There are a ton of different vegetables and foods to be considered superfoods. It seems beetroot is heavily misrepresented in this superfood group. The main benefits of beetroot supplementation will be linked to its high nitrate, high betalain and high electrolyte content. I have purposefully decided to keep this article rather concise and short. The…

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Top 5 Hangover Hacks: Effective Tips and Supplements for Fast Relief

Here we have it. “I am never going to drink again”, you said once upon a time. And it happened now. Probably everyone has uttered those words in great discomfort at least once before. As alcohol is quite deeply engraved in western society, it’s difficult to completely shut it out. Telling a Frenchman to never…


3 Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

In a world filled with sensory and informational input, we can never have enough of one capacity: mental clarity. Having a clear mind, means having more available consciousness. This translates to being easier able to separate relevant from irrelevant information and make better decisions overall. The vast supplement-realm brings up new potentially useful active ingredients…

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I write articles about supplementation, sleep and nutrition.
As this has been a long time hyper-obsession of mine, I decided to share my learning arc about these topics with others.
Especially in times of insomnia, I have been desperately looking for remedies, which I eventually found.

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